At Nirschl Orthopaedic Center (NOC), we have a dedicated staff featuring six of the area’s leading Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Surgeons. At NOC, we treat a wide variety of patients. Whether someone is professional athlete or a ‘weekend warrior, we feel that we can provide help to whatever ails them. We also treat non-athletic injuries as well as the seniors in our community. Each patient receives our compassion, care, and understanding. NOC has a long and distinguished history. Founder Robert P. Nirschl, M.D., has been recognized both nationally and internationally as a pioneer in the diagnosis and treatment of orthopaedic and sports injuries. In addition he has been honored for meritorious service to the Virginia Orthopaedic Society, the Virginia Orthopaedic Community, and Virginia High School Athletics.

The tradition of Nirschl Orthopaedic Center’s quality care and innovation continues today with refined technology involving hip arthroscopy and cutting edge techniques in joint replacement. Our orthopaedic surgeons, with their extensive experience, are at the forefront of treating disorders of the hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, and knee. Many of our surgeons are regularly named as the area top doctors in the Northern Virginia and Washingtonian Magazine.

We are proud that our physicians have graduated from accredited fellowship training programs for orthopaedic surgeons with a concentration, both clinically and surgically, on the treatment of injuries of the hand and wrist, elbow and shoulder, and hip arthroscopy.

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Great office staff and Dr. Paik was always extremely courteous, professional, and kind! They were sensitive to my financial situation and I always looked forward to my visits for a fractured arm.

Dr. Wellborn is not only a remarkably skilled surgeon who is responsible for several procedures in our family, but he stands apart in that he doesn't have the stereotypical surgeon's personality. He tries all possible measures to avoid the need for surgery, and he is engaging, friendly, reassuring, and articulate - he takes time to answer questions and explain everything so that a patient can understand complicated medical matters. His staff is similarly terrific, and Savena, his receptionist, is a delight - always warm, sympathetic, informative, and helpful.

In the past three years, after two bouts of Lyme disease and chronic arthritis,I had my left hip and right knee replaced by two different orthopedists. While the hip healed well, the knee remained swollen, stiff and painful for over 12 months. Even though I knew I had to face having the left knee replaced, I was very reluctant to go back to the same doctor who had basically told me I was impatient and just "a slow healer".

Fortunately, I was referred to Dr Wellborn to discuss my options. At our first meeting - and all subsequent- he sat next to me quietly discussing the situation. He recommended a cortisone shot to allow me to take a planned trip with less pain, followed by surgery when i felt ready. I felt immediately reassured, simply because Dr Wellborn listened carefully, examined the x-rays and explained the necessity for the surgery.

Three months ago I had the replacement surgery in the outpatient facility, and came home the same morning. Dr Wellborn allowed plenty of time before and after the procedure to talk to me and my husband and we knew I was in very good hands. I have made a great recovery this time. Physical therapy in the practice's unit has been excellent, but I feel the real reason for such a different experience with this knee is Dr Wellborn. His surgical skills, combined with his compassion and ability to engage with his patients, have resulted in a great outcome, and I could not be more grateful.

In fact, I have been impressed by every aspect of this process. At each appointment, I have been seen promptly, and have never felt rushed. Dr Wellborn's assistant, Selena, has been so helpful, friendly and totally professional. She is a wonderful public "face" for the practice. I also want to thank Sam in Billing - whoever thanks anyone in Billing? - for her utter patience in explaining the intricacies of insurance. Thank you all.

Dr. Wellborn recently replaced my right hip. When he recommended out-patient surgery I had never heard of hip replacements being completed as out-patient surgery. I'm glad I followed his recommendation. What an amazing experience! I arrived at the surgical center a 6:00am, surgery at 7:00, awoke around 9:30, drinking coffe and eating crackers by 10:00 and on my way home by 12:00.

Within a week I was walking upstairs unassisted and walking on the sidewalk for a block without a walking cane, this was after two home PT visits. The second week I walked up the Jefferson Memorial steps unassisted and by the third week I could walk over a mile. I was progressing much faster than I thought possible.

It has now been six weeks since surgery and I am walking over two miles. I even raked the yard today and I'm feeling great. My biggest problem is that I feel so good I have to make a conscious effort to slow down and not over do it. I completed PT twice a week and had a great experience with the PT staff. All along the way Dr. Wellborn's assistant Selena has kept me straight and has been a joy to work with. Office visits are on time, no waiting!

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Wellborn. After looking at other reviews from Dr. Wellborn's patients, they have described him perfectly with lots of deserving adjectives. I would like to add by saying he is top drawer, a class act, an exceptional surgeon and just a genuinely nice person. Thank you for a job more than well done!! Now I can get on with my life!


A "perfect" slip at figure skate practice left me with a broken kneecap, surgery, and an extended recovery. I am so grateful to have had Dr. Paik as my physician and surgeon at this very tough time. I met him within 24 hours of my injury and was immediately impressed with his professional knowledge and impeccable bedside manners. He put full thought and care into my treatment with the goal of getting me back to my prior activity level, kept me fully informed of what to expect, and worked with me to meet my needs along the way. He was genuinely enthusiastic about my progress - and there were certainly tough days in my recovery when his optimism helped keep me going. I truly feel I got the best care available anywhere for my injury. Recently I was finally able to lace up my figure skates and step back out on ice again, and I am incredibly thankful to Dr. Paik for getting me there. Thank you!! Jennifer

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